Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A Hard Post to Write

I'm tired of being two people. Anyone can probably figure out that Laine Morgan is my pen name. Well, I'm sorry to say, Laine Morgan is no more. Yes, her books will still be on sale awhile, until contracts run out, but I am no longer writing under that pen name. There can be no walking the fence. I'm talking about being a Christian, of course. You can't claim to be a Christian and write the stuff I write. I know I may get lambasted by some romance writers out there, but its not an opinion, its a FACT. I didn't write the Bible. I knew it was wrong the very day I started writing my first book - Thieves Bounty. I knew it writing every book after that. God was not pleased. I wasn't using my talent for His glory at all. Yes, under my real name, I wrote some Christian articles and short stories, but the majority of my writing was wrong. Lately, that feeling of God's disapproval has been heavy on me. I've been praying and reading through the New Testament, reading passages about doing all for His glory, and a whole slew of other passages that tell me what I've been doing is wrong.

Anyway, I've repented and made a commitment to God that I will write only Christian non-fiction and fiction. Please, romance writers, don't take this as an attack against you or your writing. This is my personal decision, something I have to do.

Anyway, the first thing I did after this commitment was to delete all the trash off my hard drive-all my works in progress that don't glorify God. I was worried about all my stories coming out through Samhain. Most of the books were scheduled to come out next year, except for Isabella's Angel, which was supposed to come out November 14th. I had no idea how to break those contracts.

However, God stepped in, and I tell you, I couldn't be happier. As many of you know, my editor tragically and suddenly passed away recently. Samhain hired new editors to take her place, and I got an email from an editor saying she had read Isabella's Angel and basically said she didn't like it and was suspending publication until I had rewritten the entire thing. Then, she said that she was suspending all my other contracts until I had rewritten those, too (she hadn't even read those). Isabella's Angel was never meant to be a conventional romance. It broke nearly all the rules. I had rewritten it once to the former editors specifications, and honestly, I'm not up to rewriting it again. The email ended by saying that if I wanted out of my contracts, I could write the publisher to get the process started. Which is what I did.

Anyway, I won't be updating this blog anymore, but if you still want to keep up with me, I started a blog under my real name: www.mindyfausey.blogspot.com

I'd be thrilled for you to keep reading!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Bye Bye Birdie

Well, my husband and kids didn't make it on the plane yesterday. After 6 hours of waiting, my husband had enough, and at 12:15, called me to come pick them up. He talked to the ticket agent, though, who told him Saturday's 6:15 AM flight had 70 open seats, and they would definitely make that flight. So, we all got up at 4 AM (yes, 4 AM!!!) to get them to the airport.

I haven't heard from them, and its not 10:30 AM, so I'm assuming they made the flight. Hooray!

Now, I'm just waiting for my 11 year old to wake up so I can take her for a haircut and out to PF Changs. And I need to rent the next volume of LOST. I think I'm almost done with the first season.

Less than one week until our next Las Vegas trip! Starting to get excited, although this will probably be a low key, laid back trip where we just hang out in the room and take it easy. I'm not planning on seeing everything this time. No more whirlwind trips! It took me three days to recover from the last trip!

I got two assignments the other day from a Christian magazine I write for. I'm excited to start work on them. I researched one yesterday, and it will be a great article, I think. The other one will be a little tough, but won't be too hard, I don't think. I'll start writing them tonight, if I can pull myself away from LOST.

Let's see, what else? My ear feels mostly better, although I don't think it has completely drained. I still get a feeling of pressure on the left side of my head off and on, and my balance is funky at best. I was so embarrassed. Yesterday I went to the commissary for some groceries, and there was a stocker unloading boxes, and I turned my head to look at something on the shelf and I lost my balance right in front of the guy and knocked some cans off the shelf. My response to that was the dorkiest thing, I said, "Ooops!" in this high, nervous voice. The stocker probably thought I was drunk, or maybe just an idiot.

The picture today is of me and my little brother, after a night of trick or treating. Back then, that size stash was pretty good. But, for some reason, me and my brother are crying our heads off.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Biting my fingernails...

Well, I took my husband and kids to the airport first thing this morning. They're trying to fly on a pass (which means standby) to Seattle. They can fly very cheap through my step-MIL, who is a flight attendant. However, they're listed as non-revenue, and all revenue passengers take priority.

So, it's hit or miss that they'll actually get on a plane. And so far, one flight has left without them. The next flight is at 12:40, so I'm nervous as heck. The last flight is at 3:40, and if they don't make it, they're not going! At least my kids won't go. My husband will try again by himself tomorrow if he can't get on a plane today.

So, I'm basically not doing much today except for waiting and praying. I was looking forward to a weekend with just my 11 year old. We are planning on going to lunch at PF Changs is we don't have the little kidlets with us.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Enough excitement for one day!

Well, today I had a special thyroid blood test scheduled. I had to fast last night and this morning. Anyway, I took my kids to the bus stop, thinking I would get to the Air Force base right after they got on the bus, so I could get home and eat. Well, we got to the bus stop, and all the kids are wearing red. I had forgotten today was "Wear Red Day." My son coincedentally was wearing a red sweatshirt, but my daughter was wearing purple. She started to sniffle and tear up when she realized she was the only one not wearing red. So, I raced home, running full speed, tore up the stairs, grabbed a red fleece, and climbed into the van, burning rubber as I screeched out of the driveway (not really, but I was going a little faster than recommended on a neighborhood street). Totally out of breath, I take off her purple fleece and replace it with the red.

And we waited.

The bus didn't come.

Luckily, I have the bus dispatch number in my cell phone, so I called and asked where the bus was. Bus 210 had broken down, and they were sending a replacement.

And we waited some more.

By then, I was getting hungry.

Finally, we all gave up and I piled the kids into the van and took them to school myself. Then I raced to the base hospital, praying that the blood draw line wasn't too long.

I get there finally, and get in the elevator. I have to go from the first floor to the basement - just one floor.

And wouldn't you know, but the ELEVATOR GETS STUCK BETWEEN FLOORS! It was like we suddenly dropped and came to a fast, hard stop. I said, "That didn't feel right," as I swallowed my heart which had leapt to my throat.

The elevator doors didn't open. Me and the other three people started pushing buttons, but the elevator wouldn't open. It just kept shuddering like it was trying to force itself down the rest of the way.

So, we pushed the emergency button and the telephone button, and the lady said she'd send the engineers to let us out.

Fifteen minutes go by, and we can hear the engineers sticking their heads up their butts, scurrying around in total confusion.

Thirty minutes go by, and one of the guys in the elevator starts breathing VERY heavily. Then the engineers say the elevator people are on their way.

Forty five minutes, and the guy is breathing so heavily we can't hear what the "rescuers" are saying outside the elevator.

Finally, I reach over and put my fingers between the doors, and another guy puts his fingers oppsite, and we pull, and somehow, manage to muscle the inner doors open.

We called out, "We've got the inner doors open!" and fifteen minutes later, the outer doors opened and we got to slide/jump out to the basement floor.

I'm so glad I'm not claustrophobic, and doubly glad I didn't have to pee.

Needless to say, I was starving on my way home and indulged in a McDonald's cheeseburger.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Have you ever had a personal revelation that impacted your life?

The other night, I had a terrible dream. Me and the kids were driving down a dirt road to my grandmother's(who passed away almost exactly a year ago). On each side of the road were wide ditches filled with water. My son for some reason was asleep at my side in the drivers seat.

All was okay. The day was sunny. The radio was on.

Then, my son shifted, catching the steering wheel and jerking it. I couldn't believe it, but the next thing I knew we were going into the ditch. On the way down, all I could think was that the water couldn't be that deep, surely not deep enough to cover the van, and more than likely the ditch wasn't wide enough for the van to go all the way to the water. We'd get stuck halfway down, and all of us climb to safety.

Well, the ditch was wide enough for the van and we hit the water with a splash and sunk like a rock. Immediately, we were totally submerged. There was no time to do anything, and I jolted awake with such a feeling of intense hopelessness.

I thought about it the next day, and I realized that I am holding onto my kids too tightly. I'm too protective, too stifling. I worry about them too much. I do believe there's a healthy amount of worry you can have for your kids, but it is so easy to be overprotective. My earth shattering revelation was--God is in control. I can trust Him with my kids. He will watch over them when I can't. He loves them even more than I do, and I don't have to worry.

I can relax, and it is such a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


And a little better....

Today I feel a little better. My left ear is still draining, and when I bend forward it feels like my head is exploding, but all is better than yesterday, which was better than the day before. I can't stop watching Lost. Holy Moly, that show is good! As we speak, Ethan and Jack are fighting after Ethan tried to take Claire again. Ahhhh! Charlie just shot Ethan!

Today is my husband's birthday. We called him earlier and sang to him. He's having a good time in D.C. and is visiting all the memorials today. He'll be home Thursday in time to pick up the kids and head to Seattle for his grandma's 90th birthday. They'll be back in time for Halloween.

Me and the kids visited a pumpkin patch today and picked out three pumpkins. One big and fat, one pear shaped, and one little baby. Cute little pumpkins. It'll be almost a shame to carve them up in my feeble, amateur way. I am no expert pumpkin carver. I'm always amazed at the pumpkins we see on Halloween, with the intricate carvings. Nope, not me. I just carve two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a mouth with two buck teeth.

Overall, this has been a good weekend. Relaxing, which is just what I needed. Sometimes I think there is just too much busy-ness. It's good not to have to be somewhere at a certain time. It seems like we're always gearing up for the next thing. Church, karate, bingo night, school activities, all of it. It was nice today to not have any of that, but to just lie on the couch, watch Lost, and let my ears drain.

But tomorrow, its back to busy-ness.

Saturday, October 21, 2006



Today, my head is a little better. Yesterday was not very good, but today I can feel the left ear draining. I'm still not 100%, but I believe God is taking care of me, and making me better every day. I am not as dizzy today, and the pressure in the left temple is not as bad.

I watched episodes five through eight today of Lost. Whew! I love it! I'm hooked. After church, I think I'll rent the next DVD. I can't believe I've been such a couch potato the last couple days. Once the DVD is on, it's hard to push pause to get anything done!

Tonight is church. I'm looking forward to going.

Not much else. Made cookies and a chicken and rice casserole between episodes of Lost.

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